• Water proof – Our products are water proof and do not expand,contract or wharp when exposed to different weather conditions.

  • Termite resistant – Unlike other materials, which disintegrates on termite or insect attack.
  • Fire retardant – Our products burns when subjected to frame, extinguishes immediately when the external frame sources is removed. It has got an ‘A’ class fire rating.
  • Maintenance fee – Its closed smooth surface means that it is extremely easy to clean using any means but the product is virtually dirt resistant.
  • Easy to install – Practically any automated or manual processing is possible. It is very quick and easy to install.
  • Durability – Our products are very durable and last as long as you have a home.
  • Anti fungi properties – No bacteriological development on PVC.
  • Excellent weather-ability – Weather has no effect on PVC building materials, problems like rust,etc.  just do not apply. Even in special conditions like coastal areas (salt,storm,sun) pvc is more applicable.


  • Sag proof and light weight
  • Patented Ridges to Enhance System Performance
  • Hidden Brackets
  • Over 30 Years Of Proven Performance